What to bring?

Recommended clothing includes 2 sets of olive green or khaki shirts, trousers, shorts ( look, you are on safari in Africa and bound to get a little dirty but our daily laundry and pressing service will take care of that ), hat, jacket, sweater, gloves and woolen cap  ( it can get icy during the months from June to August during the early mornings and evenings ).

Comfortable, flat soled boots and shoes as they are generally lighter and quieter when in the field. Our PHs use Russel and Courtney Selous boots.

Your trophies will be prepared by us in such a way that they are ready to be taken to the taxidermy of your choice. Please click here to contact our recommended taxidermist, Reiser Taxidermy, for any further information. They will arrange for necessary documentation, preparation if desired and shipping.

Please note that it is not possible to take along trophies as personal baggage at the end of the safari when traveling by air as Namibian veterinary regulations and EU import rules prohibit this.